Rumor: Watch_Dogs Closed Beta Found On Xbox Live Store

Two Reddit users have spotted a listing showing a closed beta of the upcoming game, Watch_Dogs.

The game was spotted on March 10 on the Xbox One Store. The listing has been pulled down since then, hinting at the suggestion that the beta spotted was a internal beta that was sent to the Xbox Store on accident.

Watch_Dogs has recently come under criticism with it’s latest trailer showing less than stellar graphics from it’s E3 debut in 2012. Ubisoft has not confirmed which platform that the footage was taken from, but don’t expect it to be from the next-generation consoles or PC.

Will Watch_Dogs join Titanfall with having a beta release close to its launch date?

If this rumor comes out to be true, this wouldn’t be the first game of the year to have a beta close to it’s release date. Watch_Dogs is scheduled to release on May 27 for all major consoles, excluding the Wii U. As time gets closer to the release date, maybe Ubisoft will speak about having a beta for the game.

Until then, the only thing that players can do is wait and hope that Ubisoft will reveal more information about the game as a whole as its release date gets closer.