Nobunaga the Fool Episode 9 Review: Prepare For War

Before we start this review, I’d like to say that I totally called it on Julius Caesar not being dead. Although I am impressed he was able to escape with just a broken arm, it looked like he had gotten more severely wounded than that. Regardless he’s back and now, with the rest of the Takeda forces under his command, he’s formed an alliance with the Uesugi clan. If Caesar is looking to give the Oda Clan a challenge, it would seem like he has succeeded.

The plot develops further during a meeting between King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Apparently they are searching for the Holy Grail, a relic which will save the worlds from some sort of incoming oblivion. I wonder if the Holy Grail is another word for the Regalias, or if the Regalias are a key to unlocking or finding the Holy Grail. I’m curious as to why King Arthur’s face is hidden by that glowing mask and hood. Could there be some massive plot twist behind his appearance or is there another reason why he is concealed like that?

ntf9_screenshot8So it seems like Jeanne’s days of sitting on the sidelines are numbered. Leonardo da Vinci has somehow been able to create a new grand war armor by scavenging various pieces from the battlefield. The war armor is given to Jeanne, as the activation of her regalia makes her a war asset for the Oda Clan. Of course, Jeanne has to learn how to use both the armor and the regalia. So in a later scene, Jeanne learns how to move around in the armor while being instructed by Leonardo and Nobunaga. Nobu is certainly a strict teacher, but at least Jeanne is able to learn from Nobu’s slightly harsh criticism. While a dangerous situation is required for her regalia to activate, shooting arrows at Jeanne seems to be a bit much.

Meanwhile, Mitsu seems to be continually haunted by his actions in earlier episodes. He regrets what he had to do, but seems to gain some resolve in his endeavors to make sure that Nobu becomes the undisputed Clan Lord. At first it seemed like he was going to assassinate two of Nobu’s advisers that are not entirely on board with supporting Nobu. However, that’s interrupted by a conversation with Ichihime. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there seems to be something between these two characters. It could be they are really close friends, but it’s hard to tell.

ntf9_screenshot6Himiko is bound and determined to win Nobu’s love, no matter what it takes. Now she seems to be relying on attempted seduction and some sort of potion that, well, puts her in the mood. All of this resulting in a conversation between her and Jeanne that is both slightly awkward and funny. With the amount of blushing going on in one scene, it would seem that the tug of war between these two characters over Nobu is only just beginning.

With the news of the Alliance between the remnants of Takeda and Uesugi, the Oda clan becomes very nervous, to the point that people are starting to consider evacuating in order to escape the coming battles. Even two of the advisers are talking of surrendering to Julius Caesar in order to prevent the clan from being annihilated. Nobu shows up, and after delivering an inspiring speech to his advisers and to the entire clan through speakers placed all over the castle and town, Nobunaga is able to rally the entire clan so that they are ready to fight Caesar and his forces. For whatever reason, Nobu decides to make his point through taking off his shirt and showing off his body. While I’m not sure what the intent of this is, it certainly could be considered some fan service.

ntf9_screenshot16At the end of the episode, the contents of the Oda Inheritance is revealed. Was it an all powerful regalia? Was it some sort of weapon? Was it anything that could actually help the clan in its darkest hour? No, no it isn’t. It is just a clay bowl called the Bowl of Emptiness. So it is more a symbol for a true leader as opposed to anything useful, but I suppose it is a nice touch for Nobunaga since he is officially becoming the Clan Lord of the Oda clan.

This episode felt like that calm before the storm, the kind in which two forces prepare for the coming battle. Troops are rallied, morale is boosted, new weapons are added to the fold, and it’s only a matter of time before these two forces clash. I imagine that will be a very fascinating, action packed episode. Especially since this episode has helped to build up the next one and the ones after it.