Major Mayhem Review: Dumb 80s Action Fun

Platform: Windows PC
Developer: Rocket Jump
Publisher: Rocket Jump
Release Date: 2/24/2014


The best way to explain to Major Mayhem is to imagine all of the tropes from dumb 80s action films and combine them into a shooter. Major Mayhem is a prime example of mindless fun and gives you some bang for your buck. Check out our recorded gameplay video below.


The simple but fun gameplay is comparable to a shooting gallery. While this is an on-rails shooter it feels more like you taking pot-shots at enemies than actually having to worry about being shot at. You are also given warning when the enemy’s attack will hit you as an incoming attack will be highlighted.

There are over 20 weapons that you can unlock and use as you advance through Major Mayhem. You start off with the classic .45 Colt but as you play you can acquire more weapons like the Uzi and shotgun, and eventually wield overpowered weapons like the quadzooka and the chicken cannon. The chicken cannon is exactly what you think it is and just adds to the ridiculous fun this game has to offer.

Even though the gameplay for Major Mayhem is simple it doesn’t stop it from being a lot of fun. As you are completely protected by cover when you are not firing Major Mayhem allows you to advance at your own pace. So if you want to be a precision sniper you can do that, or you can go full Rambo with a machine gun.

My only concern is  that wouldn't you heat stroke wearing the robocop suit in the middle of a hot jungle.

My only concern is suffering from heatstroke with the Robocop suit in the middle of a hot jungle.

The best part about Major Mayhem is how much it dials up the craziness. This is a game that knows what it is and knows how to keep you entertained. You will fight dogs driving a tank to gun-wielding mummies and even become Robocop.  These enemies just add to the ridiculous factor.  It is just cool to fight enemies that range from ninjas throwing ninja stars to fighting evil agents in suits. This game also just throws 80s pop culture at you from every direction. For example, you can purchase skins to make your character look like Rambo or Chuck Norris.

Where else can you find a game that allows to fight two dogs that are driving tanks in the middle of the jungle.

Where else can you find a game that allows to fight two dogs that are driving tanks in the middle of the jungle?

Major Mayhem offers four different modes of play. The first is your typical story mode where you have to play through 45 missions broken into three different chapters. There is also arcade, survival and time bomb mode. Arcade mode is where you play campaign mode missions in a random order. In survival mode you have to complete a chapter from the campaign with only one life.  Time bomb is where you have to do as much damage as possible in one minute. This mode is my personal favorite because of how hectic it can get. Time bomb will throw nearly every enemy it has at you, and it is just fun having so many different enemies to fight.

The graphics for Major Mayhem work well for the gameplay, evoking a joyful Saturday morning cartoon vibe with the game’s design. We all remember watching Saturday morning cartoons and imagining ourselves as the hero that saved the world from an evil empire.

The only real downside for Major Mayhem is that gameplay can get repetitive after a while. This leads to Major Mayhem being more enjoyable over shot 15 minute bursts than a long play session that could last for hours.

Also, the system for getting new weapons can be a pain; you have to complete objectives in order to advance through levels which unlock new weapons. However, the objectives you get are kind of random and depending on your circumstances it can take a while before you can acquire a new weapon. Also, the rate you gain coins is pretty slow so it might take a while before you can afford some of the cooler skins and equipment.

Despite some shortcoming nothing can beat shooting a jet while also doing a cartwheel.

Despite some shortcomings nothing can beat shooting a jet while performing a cartwheel.

Major Mayhem is simply a fun game that will make players feel like they are in 1980s action flick, offering many hours of fun, though it can also grow repetitive. It’s a perfect causal game and great for those that want to unleash their inner Rambo, and certainly the recommended alternative to, well, Rambo: The Video Game.