Bryan Singer to Direct Battle Creek Pilot

With Breaking Bad’s creator, Vince Gilligan, and David Shore, producer of medical drama House, partnering as co-creators of new series Battle Creek; who better to direct their new show’s pilot than The Usual Suspects’ director, Bryan Singer.

Singer, who’s fresh off directing 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, has agreed to join the show. This news may come as a little of a shock because of Singer’s long term partnership with David Shore, where he acted as executive producer on House (where he shot the pilot and the third episode). But whereas House was to do with solving puzzling cases with a crack team of doctors, Battle Creek is tackling a different kind of case: Cops.

The show will follow detective Russ, and an FBI agent named Milton who both have very different views of the world, as they team up and use cynicism, guile and deception to clean up the streets of Battle Creek.

Bryan Singer is ready to shoot the pilot later this year

Strangely, the script for the pilot was written by Gilligan in 2002 (pre-Breaking Bad) but was not picked up; but obviously Gilligan’s writing and directing talents are now on display to the world after Breaking Bad proved such a hit. He can now, finally, make this long-time-coming series, even though he will not be heavily involved because he is working on his Breaking Bad spin off, Better Call Saul, which airs later this year.

That’s where Singer will help out. Not only will Singer direct the pilot but he will be playing producer so he can give advice or help with ideas when needed.

Battle Creek at the moment sounds like a fairly run-of-the-mill cop show, with two cops cleaning up the crime-ridden streets of Michigan. While the show is labelled as a crime drama, I’m sure Gilligan will add some of that sharp, witty dark humour that made Breaking Bad so diverse.

Also, not only has Battle Creek gathered the talent behind the camera, it has signed on some terrific actors such as Dean Winters (30 Rock), Janet Mcteer (The Woman in Black), and Damon Herriman (Justified).

Check out its 13-episode run this autumn on CBS, and let me know whether you think Battle Creek will be as big a hit as Breaking Bad.