New Kickstarter Project Called Planets3

Planets3, pronounced as planetscubed, is a now being funded on Kickstarter as an “role playing with the pleasure of construction and the boundless freedom to roam about in a 3D universe.” Think Minecraft meets World of Warcraft.

Planets3 comes from new France-based studio Cubical Drift. The game is currently a tenth of the way done, with a targeted release date of Fall 2015 on PC only. Cubical Drift wants to eventually take Planets3 to consoles by the end of the decade. The team needs to reach a goal of $250,000, with the amount raised currently sitting around $20,000.

Planets3 features dungeon crawling along with space exploration. The in-house engine will be able to spawn planets made up to “30 trillion blocks.” The game offers a variety of customization ranging from tool building to vehicles building to go across the planet and universe. The game is also set in a multi-player universe, with players having the ability to interact with each other. Players can chose their style of combat, ranging from space warriors to silent killers.


Concept art of warrior classes in Planets3.


Planets3 does not have a set story, allowing players to craft their own adventure. Planets3 will release its first adventure entitled Planets3: Race to Space. It’s exciting to see new projects appear on Kickstarter, keep an eye out to see more news on Planets3.

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