Dark Souls II Gets Steam Release Date, Preorder Bonuses

From Software announced today the release date for the PC and Steam versions of Dark Souls II, the sequel to one of the last generations most beloved, and difficult, games. You can look forward to dying on the comfort of your own computer chair April 25th.

Announced via their official Facebook page, From Software tells us that the the PC version comes with it’s own unique upgrades. In addition to enhanced texture resolutions and a smoother frame rate, the team at From Software has worked extra hard to better adapt the game to the mouse & keyboard crowd. For those of you who, like me, prefer the traditional controller setup, that will be available as well.

That doesn’t mean console owners are left out in the dust. For those of you who preordered the title for consoles, you will be receiving the exclusive Black Armour Edition, which comes with the Black Armour weapons and armor sets to make your life a bit easier, a metal case, and the original soundtrack. Those who have preordered on Steam get a digital soundtrack, a PDF artbook, access to the Black Armour Weapon Set and the Dark Souls II digital comic.

Praise the Sun! Dark Souls II will be available in the US March 11th on PS3 and Xbox 360, with a European release date three days later.  The game is also slated to come to Xbox One.