Separating Metal Gear Solid V ‘Wasn’t the Plan’ For Kojima

Having two separate games for Metal Gear Solid V was never the original plan for Kojima. Releasing Ground Zeroes ahead of the much larger The Phantom Pain was something Kojima did not want to do, but felt he had to simply because Metal Gear Solid V would have never made Playstation 4’s and Xbox One’s launch in Japan.

“It was impossible for us to have it ready by the time the next-generation platforms launched,” said Kojima. “I felt that a lot of people would want a Japanese high-end game. So it wasn’t necessarily a strategic move where we thought too much about it.”

The best possible scenario for Kojima would have been to release both games at the same time. “Ideally,” Kojima told IGN. “I would have wanted to release the prologue and the main game together, at the same time.”

Kojiam also discussed the gargantuan length of The Phantom Pain, claiming that it might be too big for players to finish. “The Phantom Pain has the risk that people won’t be able to finish the story as it will be “more than 200x bigger than Ground Zeroes,” he told IGN. 

He failed to elaborate though. “I cannot disclose the amount of missions [in The Phantom Pain],” said Kojima, “but we’ll have a lot of missions in there.”

Look out for more upcoming information ahead of Ground Zeroes’ launch in a few weeks.

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  1. tgruver

    I suppose it’s a blessing and a curse getting what pre-release DLC that we can. I could never wait another two years for V to come out, but then again, having the whole package day one would keep me from losing my mind with hype once I start playing it. If anything, it’s a good marketing strategy as long as V comes out on time.

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