PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate Coming To PS4

Double Eleven Studios announces today that they are bringing the PixelJunk Shooter experience to PS4 this summer. Combining the campaigns of PixelJunk Shooters 1 & 2, PixelJunk Ultimate also brings a huge list of upgrades with it ti the current console generation.

For those of you never played the (excellent) PixelJunk Shooter games, they are kind of difficult to explain. You control a small ship that must weave its way through a hostile underground cavern to rescue a group of trapped scientists. Along the way, you will encounter a ton of physics-based gameplay, ship combat, puzzles and a ton of exploration. The game was particularly lauded for its airtight controls, and it looks like the PS4 version will have even more to brag about.


PixelJunk Ultimate brings exactly what you want from an ultimate package.  While the visual upgrade is immediately obvious, some of the more subtle element may be overlooked.  The lighting and particle effects are greatly enhanced, and the player ship has been completely remodeled in 3D. While the controls and excellent momentum mechanics are unchanged, the new ship allows for better visual feedback.

It has also been bumped up to a full 60 fps, making it silky smooth.  It also brings some of the enhancements from the sequel, like the super spin, to the original, which is now all combined into one seamless experience.  Add in cross play functionality, a redesigned HUD and a revamped scoring system, and you have the makings of a great definitive offering.

No exact release date yet, but you can expect it to arrive sometime this summer.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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