New Trailer, Info For SOMA

Frictional Games, creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, have released a new trailer for their upcoming sci-fi horror game, SOMA.

The trailer gives a teaser of the story, and what kind of atmosphere that Frictional Games is going for. SOMA will be released for the PC and PlayStation 4 in 2015, but has been teased for a while by the company.


Thomas Grip, the Creative Director of Frictional Games, gave new details surrounding the mysterious game on the PlayStation Blog. Grip said that, “[SOMA is] currently clocking in at around 5 hours, meaning the final game will end up at 8 hours or so.” The game is also “about a week away” from the Alpha version.

Spooks on a table or is there something more?

Grip gives more details of the game with it all summing up to be a spiritual successor to Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

SOMA doesn’t rely on a core gameplay loop – such as shooting baddies or jumping platforms – to create a sense of fun. Instead, you’ll take part in a wide range of activities; it’s impossible to narrow it down to one. You’ll search for notes, solve puzzles, hide from dangers, explore unsettling places, take part in strange events and sometimes just run away. All of these come together with the graphics and soundscape to create a larger whole.

Gameplay from SOMA has already been posted; with the main theme being what is the true definition of consciousness. Expect an A.I. figure to resemble a dark mixture between SHODAN and GLaDOS.

From the information that Grip gave, SOMA seems to be shaping up to become the next jewel of survival-horror. While 2015 is not a set date for SOMA, it will be worth every tease that Frictional Games shows.