Metal Gear Solid V Needs To Push Boundaries, According To Kojima

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes contains its fair share of disturbing, violent, but yet important narrative moments in its short length. Hideo Kojima explained, in a round table interview with several game journalists, that pushing narrative limits is the key for video games to reach the cultural relevance of movies and books.

“If we don’t cross that line, if we don’t make attempts to express what we really want to express, games will only be games,” Kojima said. “If we don’t try to go beyond that, we won’t be able to achieve what movies or novels have achieved. I didn’t want to stay away from these things that could be considered sensitive. If we don’t go that far, games will never be considered as culture.”

Kojima used Breaking Bad as an example, even going as far as comparing his latest effort to the TV show..

“In Breaking Bad, I also see that these guys are trying to go to the limit; trying to take it as far as they can to try to get their message across. For us as well. In games we have to go to the limit; we want to stay within this limit of how far…pushing the boundaries of conveying our message. We look around and we don’t see too many games like this; that is unfortunate,” he said.

He continued. “We have to go to the limit [in games] We look around, we don’t see too many games like this. That is unfortunate. I don’t think all games necessarily have to go this far, but we have a message we want to convey. One of the main topics of Metal Gear Solid 5 is this chain of revenge.”

There’s a specific scene in the game that Kojima believes he’ll endure a lot of criticism for. But he’s willing to except all of it in order to successfully portray it.

“That is one thing I really didn’t want to step back from, I really didn’t want to go around it. I know I will probably face a lot of criticism for it, but I really wanted to portray that.”

(Source: Gamespot)