Retailer Lists Grand Theft Auto V For PS4

Portuguese retailer Worten has listed Rockstar’s open-world epic, Grand Theft Auto V, for the Playstation 4. It’s up for pre-order at the site, but it doesn’t contain a specific release date for the game.

The retailer was contacted by, and responded with the following statement (via Google Translate): “We have the information that Worten stores will sell the game in question.”

A deposit is being asked for the game, indicating that the retailer is confident enough with the validity of the listing not to offer refunds for consumers.

Many people have thought that the next platform the game will coming out for would be the PC, but Rockstar can still release it simultaneously with Sony’s next-gen system. We also assume that it’ll be heading for Microsoft’s Xbox One as well, since GTA V did come out for the 360. If this turns out to be true, then Grand Theft Auto V is set to be one of the 100 games Sony promised we’ll play this year on our PS4s.

Rockstar, ever since releasing the game and welcoming enormous success in the process, has faced legal action from several individuals. And yes, these legal claims are as bizarre as they come.

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