Peggle 2 Coming To Xbox 360 In May, Multiplayer Duel Mode Available Today On Xbox One

Electronic Arts has announced today that Peggle 2 will be available for purchase on the Xbox 360 starting on May 7, 2014. The game will feature a multiplayer duel mode, which is launching today for the Xbox One version for free.

Peggle is a puzzle-type game that combines pinball, pachinko and billiards to form a colorful and vibrant game experience. It’s also quite quirky, in its own special way.

The multiplayer duel will allow players online or off to play with their friends or in matchmaking in a head-to-head Peggle match to see who is the best. Players will pick their Peggle masters and compete to reach the top of the Extreme Fever meter first.

“With all the excitement from our fans in December at launch we knew we wanted to continue growing the Peggle universe starting with more content and then expand onto the Xbox 360,” said John Vechey, General Manager at PopCap Games. “By offering the addition of Duel Mode, our fans will be able to challenge their friends continuously to find out who is the ultimate ‘Peggle Master’.”