Nobunaga the Fool Episode 8 Review: Smoke and Mirrors Strategy

After the previous episode, I had expected that Julius Caesar leading the Takeda Clan was going to be a subplot that would last for a few more episodes. However, it would seem that his reign was short lived by the end of the eighth episode. While this episode was a lot of exposition and revealing small details about various plot elements, it picks up near the end with an intense battle.

At the start of this episode is a lot of meetings, talk, and often a great deal of exposition. Caesar’s deception has earned him the attention and respect of the Takeda Clan as they rally under his banner. Meanwhile, Leonardo speculates on the plans King Arthur has for the Star of the East. I found it surprising that Leonardo has yet to meet King Arthur. So either meeting King Arthur requires extremely special permission that is otherwise impossible to obtain, or he is the kind of King that prefers to not make many public appearances.

ntf8_screenshot3As far as new information goes, it is revealed how the Regalia work to some extent. Apparently they draw upon the ley lines that run throughout the Star of the East. Not only that but the power output of the Regalia is highly dependent on the strength and will of the user. Also, the Regalias can be used in combination to grant a War Armor all kinds of weapons and equipment. With the power of the Regalias in mind, it is likely all future battles in the series will essentially be power struggles between other clans on the Star of the East against the Oda Clan, along with the Oda Clan fighting against the forces of the Star of the West.

Admittedly I wasn’t expecting Himiko to wake up anytime soon, but as it turns out she makes a surprisingly quick recovery and is able to walk around the castle with some assistance. Ever determined to help her betrothed, she offers the full support of her resources to him in any plan that he makes. Her dedication is certainly admirable, especially when Nobu doesn’t show too much interest in her beyond her well being in dangerous situations. I do wonder if Nobu will ever develop any romantic interest in her, as right now the only person he seems to have the slightest interest in would be Jeanne.

ntf8_screenshot4Speaking of Jeanne, it has been implied many times that the necklace she wears was a Regalia; now it is confirmed. It appears to represent water or purity, and its power is finally unleashed in this episode. For reasons currently unknown, Jeanne has a vision of Nobu getting severely injured, if not killed, by Julius Caesar. Jeanne speaks with Leonardo about it, and is assured that it isn’t a vision set entirely in stone. Of course it is, but more on that later.

Leonardo and Hideyoshi make a deadly combo when it comes to thinking up brilliant strategies. Hideyoshi suggests building a fake castle to fool the Takeda forces, which would normally be impossible given the situation that the Oda Clan is in. However, Leonardo makes use of technology to create a massive hologram castle. Planted in the ground next to the castle is a bunch of explosives that are used to destroy the attack force that Julius Caesar brings with him. I hope Leonardo and Hideyoshi come up with more plans like this in future episodes, as that was a real highlight.

ntf8_screenshot6So Nobu and Julius Caesar fight one on one near the end of the episode, and the fight starts to get a little ridiculous when the two Grand War Armors start fighting one another on robotic hovercrafts. As it turns out, Jeanne’s vision comes true when Nobu’s Grand War Armor gets impaled. Fortunately the sword only grazed Nobu, and with Jeanne’s help and blessing her Regalia grants Nobu a new weapon with which he bounces back from Caesar’s attack.

Now I’m not entirely sure how this works, but the Regalia on Caesar’s neck somehow goes flying off the rope it is attached to, through the closed cockpit, into the hand of The Fool, and then somehow ends up in Nobu’s hand inside The Fool. My only guess is they chose not to show Nobu opening the cockpit to retrieve the Regalia in order to save time. Either way The Fool gains a new piece of equipment and with it Nobu unleashes a new attack that supposedly kills Julius Caesar. Or at the very least it seems heavily implied that Caesar is dead, but until there is either a body or someone declares him dead he may as well be unconscious.

ntf8_screenshot10At first this episode seemed like it was going to be a lot of talking and little action, but the second half really picked things up. Although things are happening a little faster than I expected. If Julius Caesar is truly dead, then that has some intriguing implications for future episodes. Could it be that some historical events won’t happen in Nobunaga the Fool? At the very least, that would make the plot much more unpredictable. Whatever the case, I look forward to seeing what will happen next.