Twitch Plays Pokémon Now On Pokémon Crystal After 16 Days On Red

The Twitch Plays Pokémon channel, which garnered positive and negative attention from the Twitch community, and gaming community in general, has continued its saga with Pokémon: Crystal Version. At the time of writing, the channel had more than 71,400 viewers, and over 203 thousand followers.

The chat spam is faster than ever, with anarchy mode active, but a countdown on the top of the screen indicates democracy mode will be activated soon. Totodyle is the starting Pokémon that was selected, and at time of writing, is level 12.

The chat room is in slow mode, but with tens of thousands of active players, it cannot be followed with the naked eye very easily. The Twitch Plays Pokémon phenomenon began a little over two weeks ago, with the launch of Red Version, and the ensuing spam of the channel caused chat lag in many of the other Twitch streams across the site (ed. including your’s truly, Cesium_Knight). It seems to be fixed now, but with the relaunch of the game, it could see another burst in issues for chat on Twitch.

The attention garnered by this channel could pay dividends for Nintendo, with what amounts to free advertising for the franchise.

Source: DualShockers