UtR Eden Star

Under the Radar: Eden Star – Taking Back Pharus

Platform: Windows PC
DeveloperFlix Interactive
Publisher: Flix Interactive
Release Date: TBD 2015


When you hear the name “Eden”, what do you think of? Likely your Garden-variety Eden: trees heavy with fruit, animals as placid as warm milk. That jerk Adam with his apple-centric kleptomania. You probably do not think of a far off exoplanet called “Pharus 7”. But Flix Interactive is aiming to change that with Eden Star, due to be released some time in 2015.

Pretty much EVERYTHING is more fun with lasers. Except death. Ok, including death.

Tunneling is much more fun with lasers.

Flix Interactive is selling Eden Star as an “immersive first-person, survival-creation game” which, in action, translates to something that is equal parts Minecraftian survival and tower defense a la Sanctum. You will play as the Pioneer who trades in the pioneer’s signature large-buckled tophat for something a little more useful on a hostile, alien planet: a futuristic multi-tool that slices, dices, does your taxes, and walks your choice of pet.

This item, grafted to the Pioneer’s forearm and lovingly called “the Tool”, can place building materials, dig, and toss your enemies around like Flubber in a hurricane. The core gameplay will consist of placing down “Eden kits” which function as nuclei for your base and outposts: a beacon, spawning bay, factory all rolled into one. Because, evidently, it’s not worth having if it can’t do more things than humans have fingers.

Your “Eden kits” will take over the earth as you scour the land for resources and clues about what happened to the last colony. If I had to guess, I’d say it has something to do those hordes of squidbots that crash against your defenses in waves.

As you build walls, walkways, and traps in Eden Star,  you’ll be able to take advantage of a fluid free-running system to get where you need to go in a timely fashion. Not to mention, Flix is looking to set you up with multiplayer so you can team up with friends to retake Pharus 7.Eden Star is channeling their inner "Kali-ma".

Eden Star is still heavily in development but the pieces are there and, from the developer videos, they’re fitting together quite beautifully. Combat is snappy and slamming robots around with your “mechakinesis” doesn’t look like it will ever get boring. Plus multiplayer always adds an extra life or 5, if you can find (or coerce, as is often the case with me) someone to join you. Either way, Eden Star is definitely something that shouldn’t be left under your radar.

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