Lego Movie is Top of The Blocks

Who would have thought it? A movie about Lego figures actually being any good. Well thanks to a smart script from Dan Hagemen and Kevin Hagemen they have kept the interest alive for both children and adults for the second week at the top of the box office.

The Lego Movie, so far, has raked in over 69.1 million dollars, the highest figure to date this year. With so many blockbusters these days costing so much to make, and barely making a profit when the films hit cinemas (then quickly deemed flops, and swiftly forgotten) this is not, however, the case with The Lego Movie.

Costing only 60 million dollars to produce, The Lego Movie has already made a 9.1 million dollar profit, with its eyes already set on a sequel. Why did this movie, out of all the huge blockbusters, trump its competition? I think passion. Passion from the directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller to craft a smart, heart-warming journey with enough ingredients for children and adults to appreciate. If a film can relate to a larger audience, then it will always bring in a larger profit, instead of spending 200 million dollars on explosions and car chases to appeal to people who maybe possess half a brain cell.

Critics, of course, help a film sell as well. Currently The Lego Movie holds a 96 per cent score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is rare these days. It’s not just critics who are singing the praises of the movie; recently producers Warner Bros have praised LEGO for the active role it played in developing the movie, noting that it gave many suggestions and ideas and didn’t insist on many restrictions. That’s where other movies in the pipeline need to take note on The Lego Movie’s approach; not pushing out other people’s creative and unique ideas, because if it’s a collaborative effort, then you’re able to produce a movie that can unleash its full potential.

Last Friday it was announced that the not-so-long awaited sequel to The Lego Movie would hit theatres on May 26 2017. Warner Bros have remained tight lipped on any details on whether it will be a straight up sequel or will deviate into another story.

Let’s hope the three year wait will be worth it. Let me know below whether you think The Lego Movie is the best it could possibly be, and if you think the sequel can live up to the first one.