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Chamber of Game: Double Dragon Neon

Platform: Windows PC
Release Date: 2/6/2014 (PC)

2012 marked the 25th anniversary of the original Double Dragon arcade game, as well as the release of WayForward Technologies’ modern reboot of the Beat ‘Em Up series Double Dragon Neon on Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Two years later the well-received modern take on the classic brawler finally hits PC on Steam featuring online multiplayer and thankfully full controller support.

Eric punches, kicks, and rips off wicked air guitar solos in this hilarious but loving homage to 80s punk featuring collectible mixtapes (that act as special abilities and stat bonuses), fluid 3D animations and a rockin’ soundtrack. The gameplay features classic sidescrolling 2-button combat while adding an interesting dodging mechanic that gives you a temporary damage boost if you time it right. Special abilities include homing lightning strikes, flying elbow attacks, and summoning giant screen-filling fire dragons, and various stat allocation loadouts allow you to pick a style you’re most comfortable with. Abilities level up by collecting additional mixtapes randomly dropped by foes, giving nice incentives to replay levels and an overall sense of progression that modern Beat ‘Em Ups have taken advantage of.

Nostalgic gamers can find Double Dragon Neon for $9.99 on Steam, or get the suitably named Bro-pack 2-pack for $12.99.

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