The Swapper falling on Playstation in May

The Swapper, a platform puzzle game, will be appearing on the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita this May. The game will be available as a cross-buy for all systems.

Curve Studios, the makers of Thomas Was Alone and Stealth Inc, is releasing The Swapper on the Playstation family. Facepalm Games originally released The Swapper in 2013 on Steam. The game accumulated numerous awards and praise for design, story, and gameplay. The Swapper features an art style unusual to indie games: clay models and handcrafted art.

One of the clay arts featured in the game.

According to Playstation Blog, the game takes place on an abandoned space station called Theseus with the environment telling as much of the story as the dialogue does. The gameplay of The Swapper features the ability to create four clones of the player ,with the ability to switch between them at any time, to solve puzzles. The player’s main goal is to escape Theseus, but as always, that is harder than it seems.

“Hey Bob, have you met Bob?”

The Swapper currently does not have a price, but more information of The Swapper can be found on the Playstation Blog and on Curve Studios Twitter. The trailer of The Swapper can be found here.