Grand Theft Auto Online Business Update Drops March 4 On PSN and XBL

Rockstar has announced on their newswire today that Grand Theft Auto will be receiving a new update, titled “The Business Update”, on March 4 for Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. The pack features three new cars, a new plane, two new weapons, several new outfits and clothing items, new tattoos and new hairstyles to be bought in game.

The new items are available not only online, but also will be available in Grand Theft Auto 5 Story Mode. The weapons will be available in the characters inventories and the new cars will be accessible in the characters garages.

The new cars include the Albany Alpha, the Dinka Jester, and the Grotti Turismo R. The new airplane is called the Vestra, a twin engine personal jet. The Heavy Pistol and the Special Carbine are the new weapons that will be accessible to players with this new update. See the gallery below for images (click images to enlarge).

Anyone that has not downloaded the Valentines Day Massacre Special pack must download and purchase the Albany Roosevelt and the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun in game to keep them before March 2, because they will no longer be accessible after that date. Rockstar also added that more information is coming on Online Heists and more missions for Story Mode, so stay tuned to Leviathyn for more info in the future.


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