Twitch Broadcast Heading To Xbox One In March

Microsoft has announced that the ability to Twitch broadcast on Xbox One will be available starting on March 11. The company stated that the plan is to launch the service alongside the release of Titanfall in North America.

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear told the associated press that Xbox One players will also have the option to join a broadcaster’s party mid-stream, a feature that’s absent from the Playstation 4 version of the service. Xbox Live Gold members were able to watch Twitch broadcasting since the system’s launch, but weren’t able to actually participate. The long wait is almost over for Xbox players.

On the contrary Playstation 4 has offered live-streaming via both Ustream and Twitch since its launch back in November 15. Sony revealed a little while back that as much as 20% of all PS4 users have been embracing the option to stream their PS4 games, with 1.7 million gameplay broadcast streamed thus far. So the service was over due for being available on both next-gen systems.

Microsoft is also prepping a Titanfall Xbox One bundle that will offer the game for free as a download code. It’ll be priced at $499.99 in North America, and the new discounted UK price of 300 pounds, the same as the regular bundle currently available. The company also explained that the new UK price cut isn’t an indication of the console performing poorly commercially.