Nobunaga the Fool Episode 7 Review: More Like Jerklius Caesar

So last episode’s blood bath turns out to be only half as bad as I thought. Himiko seems to have survived taking a bullet for Nobunaga, but is in critical condition with no guarantee she’ll survive. Unfortunately, Nobukatsu did not survive and the Oda clan is left without answers as they plan their next move. Also I had a feeling that Julius Caesar was going to be an antagonist in the show, but I didn’t realize he was going to be a colossal jerk.

With Himiko alive for now, it is possible that the love triangle between her, Jeanne, and Nobunaga will return. This is assuming that she ever wakes up, let alone survives the recovery process. Meanwhile, Nobunaga is appointed as the Clan Lord since there is no one left who can take that position. Nobunaga makes a plan to determine if the Takeda clan was behind the assassination attempt on his life and his brother’s. It was a surprising change in Nobu to see him choose a course of action that involves talking rather than a fight.

ntf7_screenshot7Meanwhile, Julius Caesar attempts to negotiate with the Takeda clan, only to find that Shingen is not willing to deal with him. Shingen has no interest in forming an alliance with Caesar, especially not after his unannounced arrival and slaying of Shingen’s rival. Of course, Caesar probably had no interest in forming an alliance anyway but more on that in a little bit. Also, what is with the two blonde haired creepy twins with the pointy ears that follow Caesar? All the characters so far have been human, so what is the deal with those two?

Accompanied by Jeanne, Nobunaga takes The Fool and marches to the border of Takeda. He meets with Shingen and inquires about the assassins. I’m fairly certain that the assassin that went after Nobunaga was sent by someone from within the clan, and it is already known by viewers who killed Nobukatsu. So naturally, Shingen is not behind any of the events that took place in the previous episode. Still, after their meeting is over Shingen and Nobu decide to do something manly. They drink sake and have a duel to the death, so yeah pretty hardcore manly stuff.

ntf7_screenshot9I really liked the battle between Shingen and Nobu. It was very flashy, full of action, and had a bit of drama in it too. It was a battle among warriors whom cared only for the fight and not about the outcome. Regalia’s active and weapons at the ready, the two Grand War Armors clash briefly. In the end, Nobunaga triumphs and seriously wounds Shingen. Shingen is a good sport for being possibly fatally wounded and gives Nobunaga the Flame Regalia. Just when he is about to give the other Regalia to Nobu, Julius Caesar shows up and goes Brutus on Shingen. He runs him through with a sword and one of those creepy keebler elf rejects takes the second Regalia.

Left in a bad position, Nobu and Jeanne retreat. Unfortunately, Caesar seems to have planned for this and somehow manages to make it look like Nobu cowardly stabbed Shingen in the back. With this, Caesar rallies the Takeda clan and swears to avenge Shingen even though he is the one who betrayed the crap out of Shingen. So yeah, not exactly the best of situations for anyone involved.

ntf7_screenshot8This episode certainly had a faster pace than the previous one did. The story advances further, but still many questions remain. While Mitsu swears to remain loyal to Nobu, will he stay that way? Historically speaking he won’t, but that may change. Although the prologue seemed to imply that he will eventually betray Nobunaga. It will be interesting to see what gets changed and what doesn’t.