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Amnesia Fortnight 2014: Early Challenges and The Return Of Bad Golf 2

It’s been a pretty adventurous and exciting week for the four Amnesia Fortnight teams down at Double Fine with the teams making some good progress whilst also tackling some early and unforeseen challenges such as the triumphant return of Bad Golf 2.

Bad Golf 2 was one of the earlier pitches that was eliminated in the voting but a group of dedicated fans have picked up the idea and are bringing it to life in tandem with Double Fine’s teams. Bad Golf 2 is described by the original creator as a mix between a PGA Tour and a demolition derby with each player controlling their own golf cart and attempting to sabotage other players’ swings. You can check out the original pitch video for Bad Golf 2 below: Meanwhile, the last few days of the 2 Player Production video diaries covering the event have been super informative and helpful when it comes to seeing the inner workings of a game developer like Double Fine. It’s been particularly interesting to watch the mechanically-minded Brad Muir attempt to guide young project lead Derek Brand as they try to bring his Noir adventure game Mnemonic to life. Meanwhile the Pendleton Ward team has been hard at work bringing the world of Little Pink Best Buds to life through voice-acting, already showing off the clever humor inherently found in Pendleton’s ideas. Both the Dear Leader team and Steed teams are also making good headway with a lot of the mechanical and visual elements of their games taking shape.

While we’re only a few days in, things are very quickly beginning to take shape and are already looking very exciting. Check out the latest video diary below:

You can tune into the daily live-stream and donate money to charity for the event through their Humble Bundle page and check out Leviathyn’s previous coverage of the event here and here.