Over 300,000 PS4s Sold During Japan Launch

Sony has had another successful PS4 launch, with the system selling a littler over 300,000 units during its launch in Japan last week.

As first revealed in well-known Japanese site Famitsu, (translated by us), exactly 322,083 systems were sold in just two days. This is over twice as many PS3 units sold when that system launched in Japan all those years ago. The exact PS3 sales number is 88,443 units sold within nearly the same time frame.

The PS4 is doing commercially well worldwide, with 5.3 million units sold in the Western regions. This eclipses Sony’s initial sales mark of 5,000,000 units sold at the end of its fiscal year, which ends March 31. The high demand for the console has brought out a severe drought for the system, as Sony revealed it won’t be able to keep up with the demand until the month of April.

The company also promised that we’ll be playing as much 100 unique games for the system this year, which is a huge contrast with the slight software drought that currently exists for PS4 users. And one of those 100 games is the Ready at Dawn first-party exclusive The Order: 1886, which looks very promising.

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