Twitch Plays Pokemon Could Be Great For Nintendo

Twitch Plays Pokemon is officially a hit, with thousands of people logging on daily in order to look at the chaos. We here at Leviathyn haven’t been able to stay away  and had offered up our own thoughts on why people are attracted to the madness. While this piece isn’t really going to explain what you might want to know about the channel, there are other articles on the site that to a great job on that front. What I aim to do is not explain why thousands of people are gathering in order to simultaneously play the classic Pokemon Red, but to state that in my humble opinion the attention can only be good for the company that blessed us with the franchise in the first place.

I’m not going to delve into the issues that Nintendo is having since unless you’ve decided to live in a gaming bubble it’s pretty clear that things haven’t been at their optimum level for the company. No, we all know that the latest Nintendo console isn’t selling as well as they would like. We also know that certain games haven’t been doing as well in the market either.That includes features like the Virtual Console and while plenty of people are more than happy to look back on Nintendo’s past hits, we have to acknowledge that the Virtual Console isn’t exactly setting the world on fire.


For once the publicity is good. Twitch Plays Pokemon hasn’t just attracted the attention of the gaming press but also the mainstream media. Even CNN spent some time on the subject and it’s been bliss for Nintendo fans. Finally news that isn’t dire, finally no extreme criticism, and finally people speaking well of the company’s products. The world isn’t kicking them while their down and it is exactly the boost that Nintendo needs.

Really Twitch Plays Pokemon shows something incredibly interesting about Nintendo games. That despite the age and despite the graphics, they are fun. Fun, a message that Nintendo has tried for years to impart on its fans. I don’t know if this series could have worked with any other game and honestly I’m surprised that we haven’t seen other channels try to do something similar. For now the original is dominating Twitch and I can’t help but wonder why Nintendo isn’t addressing it.


I can only hope that their at work with some kind of strategy that really uses the series to their benefit because if not than it’s a missed opportunity. Twitch Plays Pokemon is a force of nature at the moment, and it would help boost Nintendo’s reputation if they could somehow manage to ride the wave.  It wouldn’t increase Wii U sales, but it would help slap some tape on the wounds between Nintendo and gamers in general. That is the relationship that the company really needs to fix and by embracing that community it could start to show that Nintendo really does care about gamers.

Now I personally don’t believe that Nintendo gave up on gamer culture but I’m only one person and don’t speak for the rest of the world. And observing various forums has shown that there is a significant number of gamers out there that believe this to be the truth. Going back to Nintendo’s stand on Youtubers and Let’s Play videos, it’s easy to see why the alienation really started to make itself known.

I’m not saying that one act of reaching out would heal a relationship that has fractured bit by bit over a period of who knows how many years. However by extending a hand to people who still enjoying a game that is almost 16 years old and making it relevant again, lets just say that it could go a long way.