Video Game High School Season 3 Indiegogo campaign ends with over $900,000 raised

Freddie Wong and Rocket Jump have ended their successful Indiegogo campaign for Season 3 of Video Game High School with $900,907 pledged by 10932 people. The goal for season 3 was  $750,000. For comparison season 1 raised $273,725  and season 2 raised $808,341. Season 3 of Video Game High School will also be the last season of  the popular and acclaimed web series as stated by series creator Freddie Wong.

Since its premiere  in 2012 on YouTube, Video Game High School has received over 64 million views and was also named “The Best Webseries of 2013” by Variety. Video Game High School takes place in a universe where videogames are the most popular sport and focuses on Brian D as he gets accepted to the prestigious VGHS. Over the past two seasons Brian D has not only improved his gaming abilities but has also made friends, got a girlfriend and has even made some enemies. Video Game High School was created by Freddie Wong, Matthew ArnoldWill Campos and Brian Firenzi.

Season 3 of Video Game High School will be six episodes long, like in season 2 and will wrap up many of the plotlines that began in season 2. These will include the class president race between Ki Swan and Shane Pizza and the growing romance between Jenny Matrix and Brian D.

Season 3 will feature Nathan Kress of iCarly fame as one the villains for the season. Season 3 will also be professionally translated into as many languages as possible such as  French, Spanish, and German since the campaign passed the $800,000 stretch goal.

The Rocket Jump team switched from Kickstarter to Indiegogo for two reasons. One was that Indiegogo accepts payments from PayPal; this would make it easier for international fans to support the project. The other reason was that Indiegogo supports flexible funding which means that, unlike Kickstarter’s all or nothing funding, Rocket Jump would still get funds even if they didn’t hit their goal.

It will be interesting to see what happens in season 3 and I can’t wait for it to be made available later this year.  It’s going to be exciting to see what is going to happens The Law will playing for  Napalm™ Energy Drink High after transferring from VGHS.

In the comment section below your opinion on VideoGameHigh School  and your predictions for what is going to happen in season 3.