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New Warriors #1 Review: Is There a Place For Them?

Does the Marvel Universe need the New Warriors? Will readers be interested in another superhero team? Those are two questions I found myself asking after reading Chris Yost, Marcus To, and David Curiel’s first issue of the new New Warriors ongoing series. Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of team books in Marvel’s line-up. However, the majority are Avengers and X-Men books, so having a book release that focuses on a team with neither of those words in the title is a breath of fresh air, for me anyways. Will readers latch onto this unique grouping of heroes? That can’t be determined just yet. What can be determined though is, did Yost and company put together a first issue worth reading? The answer to that is yes. *SPOILERS BELOW*

Finding Common Ground

The best way to bring people together is common interests, for superheroes common interests equates to common enemies. Individually these members of the soon to be formed New Warriors; Speedball, Justice, Nova, Scarlet Spider, Hummingbird, Sun Girl, Namora, and Haechi (not in this issue), don’t have a common enemy, or much of anything else in common either. That’s were most of this issue spends its time, showing how different these heroes are from one another.

Kaine in New Wariors

So much for a Mexican vacation

Yost gives the readers a small sample of each hero in this issue, but doesn’t dive too deep into each characters backgrounds or abilities. Speedball and Justice get into a fight with Salem’s Seven in New Salem, CO that is a result of Speedball’s abundance of energy and immaturity. Once Justice is made aware that Speedball started the fight, things quickly settle down. Down in Mexico, Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker) and Hummingbird (Aracely Penalba) help rescue a couple from muggers, much to Kaine’s dismay. Aracely tries to convince Kaine that he needs to keep being a hero, but Kaine insists that after the events in Houston, he wants nothing more to do with being one. Meanwhile in New York, the new Sun Girl, Selah Burke, is putting a stop to criminals and partaking in general superhero/save innocent people shenanigans. Finally in New Mexico, Nova (Sam Alexander) is battling with an alien and gets an assist from and then kidnapped by the New Warriors soon to be common enemy, the Evolutionaries.

Yost’s intentions for this first issue are clear, show how different these characters are from one another and introduce an enemy that can eventually unite them. The Evolutionaries are an excellent villain to help bring these heroes together as their goal is to cleanse humanity of its imperfections (ie superheroes, mutants, aliens, etc.). This means each character will be a direct or indirect target of the Evolutionaries actions because of their “imperfection.” It’s a simple idea that has been used time and time again to bring heroes together and if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Wrap Up: Success Doesn’t Come Easy

The New Warriors is a series that hasn’t had much commercial success outside of its initial run from 1990-1996. The first run lasted for 75 issues, the three volumes that followed combined to total 36 issues. Chris Yost himself has also had some bad luck in finding commercial success in his writings for both comics and television shows. Though his work is heavily praised by the comic community, his runs have all tended to be short lived (I’ve only just now gotten over Scarlet Spider being cancelled.) Perhaps Marvel is onto something by pairing a great writer who tells amazing stories in the short term with a series that hasn’t had much long term success either.

New Warriors #1 is an example of a series that has the potential to be great. Yost is an excellent writer and he’s putting together a team with a very unique cast of characters that I can’t wait to see interact together and play off one another. I only hope it doesn’t meet a quick end like this series and his other works have been known for.

Me when Scarlet Spider ended. Buy New Warriors!

Me when Scarlet Spider ended. Buy New Warriors!