GOG.com Using Regional Game Pricing For Several Upcoming Titles

GOG (formerly Good Old Games) has netted a deal with some undisclosed publishers to sell three big name games due out in the next couple months. The catch is that the site must sell the games at the suggested retail price for the regions in which the games are being sold, namely North America, Australia, the European Union, and the United Kingdom.

The games were described as two RPGs and a strategy game, but they clarified that they could not release the names of the games due to an NDA. They will be giving a free game from a list of select games to anyone who buys or pre-orders any one of the three games, once they are announced.

The prices are set by each developer, but since GOG only does sales in USD, the prices will be converted using standard exchange rates to USD before being posted on the site for sale. They compare this system to the one they had to use previously to sell The Witcher 2.

GOG further explains that regional pricing was required by the companies to make the sales, and that regional pricing has become the norm. GOG offers DRM-free games, so their deal with these publishers was likely a difficult one to make. The attempt to build report with the developers and publishers is their way of advancing their cause and possibly building a working relationship for the future.