Wolf of wall street

The Wolf of Wall Street is Scorsese’s Biggest Hit

The Wolf of Wall Street follows an ambitious, young stockbroker named Jordan Belfort. We watch his rise to white collar crime, and committing acts of debauchery, all while an on-going FBI investigation is taking place on him. The film, directed by Goodfellas and Taxi Driver auteur Martin Scorsese, seemed to be a huge success with audiences and the Academy, earning five nominations including best picture; but it’s not just the awards that Scorsese’s latest movie has earned. It’s the veteran director’s biggest box office success to date; raking in over 300 million dollars worldwide.

Scorsese’s psychological thriller Shutter Island (2010) was top of the table for four years, managing to earn 294 million dollars, but The Wolf of Wall Street has set its sights far higher.

The film will probably still continue to bring in crowds, because if it wins big at the Oscars on March the 2nd, I’m sure more people will want to see what all the fuss is about.

The film, however, hasn’t shied away from controversy, as some critics accused the movie of “glamorising” white collar criminals performing endless acts of snorting cocaine and endless profane party sequences. The movie also came under fire from disability rights groups for a scene in which Dicaprio reaches “Cerebral Palsy stage” while under the influence of Quaaludes.wolf of wall street 2

The rights groups who complained only fuelled audiences to go and see it. As you know, if someone usually says don’t look, or don’t do something, people will most likely want to do it.

Even Martin Scorsese found directing the film a bit of a blast from the past, when he appeared on Conan (US talk show host) and discussed his history with the drug Quaaludes “I could put a few words in there myself … thirty-five years ago, at that time they were legal,” said Scorsese. “And I was actually prescribed a Quaalude for fear of flying. You took that pill, it was like a five-hour flight, and you didn’t care where you were . . . Finally it wound down by the time you landed, thankfully, because you wanted to hug everybody, that sort of thing, and crying. I’m not kidding.”

He did, however, clarify that it was not just his experiences that led to those many drug fuelled exploits; there was also a hired drug expert to lend a hand.

From being most the anticipated film of the year, to the most controversial film of the year, can The Wolf of Wall Street also become the “best” film of the year? Let me know below whether you think the Oscars will tip their hat to The Wolf of Wall Street.