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The Trailer Report – 2/21/14

Hello, all you movie watchers out there! Welcome to The Trailer Report, where we’ll break down all of the week’s biggest movie and TV trailers, and try our best to answer the ultimate question for all trailers: Does it look good?

This week we’ve got split personalities, alien superheroes, sex addicts, and even more doppelgangers.

Let’s get started:



The Double

A mild mannered guy in a boring office job has his life turned upside down when a man who looks just like him shows up and seems to be better than him at everything.

Does it look good? Maybe. It certainly looks weird, in a way somewhere between David Lynch and Terry Gilliam. It’s billed at one point in the trailer as a comedy, though I’m not sure how funny it looks. Also, what is up with all the duplicates lately? A month ago we had Ed Harris as a duplicate of a dead guy, and just two weeks ago we had Jake Gyllenhaal finding a duplicate of himself in the very similar looking Enemy. I know that Hollywood has trends around popular concepts, but this one seems weirdly specific.


Frankie & Alice

A woman discovers that she has multiple personalities, one of whom is sabotaging her life, and turns to a psychologist to help her deal.

Does it look good? Eh. I’ve never really bought into Halle Berry as a serious, award worthy actress. Most of the roles of hers that have gotten critical notice have been this style of bombastic over acting that she seems to be sporting here, all with an incredible lack of subtlety. This film has also been in post-production for four solid years, which is never, ever a good sign.


Guardians Of The Galaxy

Five intergalactic criminals find themselves from a variety of interstellar villains after stealing an ancient artifact.

Does it look good? Oh boy, does it ever. I know I said two weeks ago that Captain America looked like the best comic movie this summer (and I still hold to that), but I do think this one looks to easily be the most fun. James Gunn might seem like a very weird choice (being the director behind only Slither and Super previously), but then the same was being said about Jon Favreau previous to Iron Man. Plus, Gunn’s slightly goofy, off kilter style seems to be right at home with this story. Count me in.


In The Blood

When a woman’s husband goes missing, she goes on a rampage to find answers.

Does it look good? Nope. You know, I was actually a fan of Haywire, but it was not because of Gina Carano’s action. The success of that one was mostly due to Steven Soderbergh’s direction, and this newest film to star Carano doesn’t seem to have quite the directorial talent behind it. So, what we’re left with is Carano’s subpar acting talent combined with the atrocious acting of Cam Gigandet (whose presence is usually a sure-fire sign the movie will be bad), and what looks like some really cheaply shot action sequences. I think I’ll pass.


Jodorowsky’s Dune

A documentary look at the attempt and failure by Alejandro Jodorowsky to adapt the classic science fiction novel Dune .

Does it look good? It does, but probably only for the hardcore cinephile. Widely considered to be one of the greatest (and probably weirdest) movies never made, this documentary looks at the attempted adaption of Dune, and what it would have looked like had it ever been made. Jodorowsky had gathered a truly impressive and bizarre stable of talent for the film before its collapse, including H.R. Giger, Pink Floyd, Salvador Dali, and Peter Gabriel (yeah, it would have been a weird one.) For anyone interested in this lost bit of attempted film-making, this should be a good time.



A man tries to correct some terrible mistake while making a series of phone calls during one 90 minute drive.

Does it look good? Hmm, possibly. I like these more experimental, small scope films, I like the real-time gimmick, and I like Tom Hardy. Ultimately with a movie like this, it will all come down to the quality of the dialogue and performance, and while I’m sure Hardy will bring the performance, we’ll just have to wait and see about the dialogue.



A woman recounts her history of sexual abandon and promiscuity.

Does it look good? If you’re into that sort of thing. This is the latest from Lars von Trier, who has always been a master of shock cinema, and this seems no different. He has his fan base, and this will certainly appeal to any of those in it, but I’ve never been able to see his films as anything more than infantile attempts to shock and confuse the audience into believing they’ve seen high art, and maybe stir up some controversy while he’s at it. Not really my thing.



Penny Dreadful

A woman with mystical powers guards our world from the forces of evil, which happen to include monsters from classic literature.

Does it look good? I do like the idea for this show; throw classic monsters Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, etc, into a gothic setting and have some bloody fun. I’m not entirely sold on what I’m seeing here, however. It looks a little to focused on the blood and sex and less on the gothic-ness and creatures. I’m hoping that they’re just going for titillation in the advertising to sell the show, and that there will be a bit more depth to all the nakedness and bloodletting.

That’s it for this week. Let me know in the comments which of these you’re most excited about, and which ones you want nothing to do with.

Until next week!

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  1. RogueWatson

    Love love love that Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, fantastically fun and goofy tone throughout. It’ll be really impressive if it’s successful but I’m certainly rooting for it. Marvel can adapt a comic with a gun wielding talking raccoon riding a tree man, but DC still hesitates about Wonder Woman….

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