Titanfall May Include Monsters and Animals, According To Official Art Book

PC Gamer announced on Tuesday that animals and monsters may end up being present in Titanfall’s battles upon release.

An art book received by the magazine showed images of all sorts of imaginary animals and creatures. Some details are known, like the diversity of types of creatures, from flying to tall ground animals, and from peaceful to hostile.


Flying wasp-like creatures seem like they’re a likely candidate to be hostile.

The book also included details on several of the maps that will be seen in the game, like the Lagoon, which was “a peaceful oasis before a mega-carrier crashed there,” and the Boneyard, “a map set among the skeletons of giant, long-dead animals.” The animals in the game will likely interfere with gameplay that beta participants may have experienced. It will be another layer that will have to be taken into account.


Large walkers would likely be a nuisance in troop movement.

The concern over small teams should be assuaged with this announcement. With NPC soldiers and animals now, the battles should seem much more hectic, and will compete with the current juggernaut FPS titles.


Another look at a flying creature looks like something out of Avatar. Also note the hyena-like creatures.


Titanfall releases on March 11 in the US for Xbox One, March 13 in Europe, and the 360 version is set to launch on March 25.

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