Playstation 4 Scarcity To Continue Until April

Sony has admitted that it would be hard to find a Playstation 4 console at retail stores, or online, until April at the very least. In its first three months on the market, ever since its release in North America on November 15, Playstation 4 has sold a staggering 5.3 million units worldwide. Its commercial success took Sony by surprise, as they only expected to reach the 5 million unit milestone by the end of March.

PlayStation UK and Ireland boss Fergal Gara told MCV that since these sales are so high, Sony will continue to struggle with supply until the month of April.

“I can’t work it out precisely. But based on what I’ve seen so far, I think it is going to be tricky until around about April,” he said. “You might get a fortnight or a week here or there where it is more available, but we should be back to free supply by about April… That’s our best guess. It might be a little earlier than that, or it might be a little later. But we’ll get there.”

Gara explained that the large pre-order numbers for the console were seen as an indication to the demand for the system, “but they were so big that we were pinching ourselves and wondering if people were pre-ordering in more than one place, and if some of these pre-orders were real… We were getting numbers we never imagined, let alone seen before. But it proved to be real. How do I reconcile that? I think the world has changed since we launched PS3.”

So far Playstation 4 has outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One, but the latter console is putting up strong sales of its own. Playstation 4 just launched in Japan, (its home territory), a couple of hours ago. The launch should spike its sales numbers by a healthy margin.


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  1. tgruver

    Not surprising in the least, and Sony’s earned that credit. Convenient happenstance or by design, lack of supply sure helps keeping demand high. Probably another year until I’m sold on its game library, but I can’t wait to own one.

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