Xbox One TV Remote Coming To Market In March, To Sell For $25

Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing a TV style remote control in early March for $25. The remote will be small, and feature a directional pad, video control buttons, volume control and channel up and down buttons, in addition to Back and OneGuide buttons.

The Xbox One can currently control all the things this new remote can control with voice commands and gestures from the Kinect, as well as with controller input. The new remote is Microsoft’s way of bridging the technology divide, and making the device more accessible to more people. Microsoft’s announcement can be read below.

Releasing across Xbox One markets worldwide in early March, the Xbox One Media Remote lets you control video playback for Blu-ray movies and streaming video on Xbox One*. Additionally, there are dedicated Back and OneGuide buttons. The OneGuide button provides one-touch, quick access to your favorite TV shows and movies through the Xbox program guide**. This simple, yet powerful remote is designed to help you listen, watch and switch among experiences instantly.

The Media Remote can also control TV/Receiver power and volume through Kinect, which uses IR blasting to send signals to your TV and/or receiver.

Microsoft still does not intend to sell the Xbox One sans Kinect in the foreseeable future, but the new controller may make a big part of the Kinect’s functionality unnecessary to some users. The new remote also requires the Kinect as it’s IR reader, so the Kinect will still be required to function. Microsoft has been on a peripheral spree, announcing headsets and adapters as well as new branded controllers.

Source: Kotaku

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