There’s ‘No Update’ On Bioshock Vita

Some of us may remember that back in 2011 Irrational Games Co-Founder and Creative Director Ken Levine announced, during Sony’s E3 press conference, that a Bioshock game would be coming out for Sony’s handheld system, the Playstation Vita. Ever since that announcement, details have been painfully scarce. There was a long period of silence regarding the project, until Ken Levine himself finally admitted that production on the game was never even started. 

Now in lieu of the recent news of Irrational Games’ unfortunate closing, 2K Games has confirmed that the game still hasn’t progressed. A 2K preventative told CVG that it has “no update” on the title. Levine stated back in 2012 that the project was still being talked over between Sony and Irrational Games’ parent company Take-Two.

Since Levine’s studio has been officially shut down, we can safely state that Bioshock Vita is nothing more than vaporware at this point. The prospect of having a unique Bioshock game built specifically for the Vita was, and actually still is enticing.

Irrational Games’ last AAA retail release was 2013’s critical hit Bioshock Infinite. The second episode of a two part story DLC for the game, titled Burial at Sea, is still scheduled to come out sometime soon. The first episode is currently available for download on PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam.