How to Put the Internet to Work For You With IFTTT

If there’s one thing the members of the tech age have in common with one another, it’s that we hate waiting for things. We want our upload/download speeds as high as possible, we hate buffering, and when it comes to trying to stay productive in our lives, it’s like Sweet Brown says – “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

A lot of us can easily become overwhelmed by how many things there are to do if we’re going to keep our digital lives remotely organized. The good news is that’s where IFTTT.com comes in to play. IFTTT (meaning “if this, then that”) is a site that uses the logic of cause and effect to make its user’s digital lives easier.

To get started, just create a free account. From there you’ll be prompted to your login credentials for any site you may have an account with from the site’s Channel listing. There are 81 Channels available at the time of this writing, but there have been a handful added since I started using the service a few months ago, so they’re consistently adding new content to the site. From there, you’ll be pretty much walked through the process of setting up your first recipe (or at least activating an existing one.)

IFTTT for iPhone can be downloaded from the App Store.

There have been rumors of an Android app in the works, but until then, the legion loyal to the little green robot will need to use the mobile site (which admittedly is very clean and easy to use.)

Now let’s start cooking!

(and remember to leave your favorite recipes in the comments below)

IFTTT Recipe: Text me the day's weather every morning connects weather to sms

IFTTT Recipe: Email me about free stuff on Craigslist in my neighborhood #freestuff connects craigslist to email   IFTTT Recipe: Save Photos I'm Tagged in on Facebook to Google Drive connects facebook to google-driveIFTTT Recipe: Save all the photos that I upload on Facebook to Google Drive connects facebook to google-driveIFTTT Recipe: Upload Instagram Pics to Google+ Photos connects instagram to gmail


Of course if you’re as crazy about IFTTT as I am, you might want to…

IFTTT Recipe: Get all the Updates to IFTTT via email! connects ifttt to email