Who’s That Game? Ultionus – A Tale of Petty Revenge

Platform: Windows PC
Developer: Last Dimension
Publisher: Last Dimension
Release Date: 12/10/2013


Who’s That Game stars our very own Aaron Randolph as he plays weird and unique indie games blind so you don’t have to.

I attempted and largely failed to play Ultionus – A Tale of Petty Revenge, an indie game from the man behind the Legend of Iya Kickstarter, Andrew Bado. It’s a platformer/side-scrolling shooter homage to old PC arcade games with great animations and some fantastic retro-style music by Jake Kaufman.

Look, I’ll freely admit to not being the best platformer or shooter player – even when they’re free – but this is an especially bad showing for me. I don’t know whether I was off my game, or if I was just in a particularly bad mood, but this is a spectacularly lackluster playthrough. I’ve since replayed the game, and found that most of my frustrations experienced in the video were more or less my fault. But I still maintain that Serena should be able to move and fire (or we should be able to choose), and the delay in firing is excessive. Otherwise, though, excellent, excellent game.

Ultionus is available on Desura for $9.99. Go check it out, it’s a really solid game. I just suck at it.

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