TowerFall Ascension Releasing In March To Steam, PS4

TowerFall Ascension, a former Ouya console exclusive, is making its way to the Playstation 4 and Steam on March 11 according to a new post on the Playstation Blog.

The game features a 4-player archery combat platformer, with influences taken from smash hits of local multiplayer like Goldeneye 64 and Super Smash Bros. The game, when originally released on the Ouya, was called TowerFall and only featured the multiplayer mode entitled Versus. To get a sense of the what the game is, here is the reveal trailer for TowerFall Ascension.

One of the many arenas found within versus.

The release of TowerFall Ascension adds new modes and goodies to the game. The biggest addition is a single player/co-op mode, giving more life to an already vibrant game. TowerFall Ascension is adding 50 new multiplayer arenas in addition to the original 70, which adds to a total of 120 multiplayer arenas for players to learn and fight on.

TowerFall was originally released in June of 2013 and has snatched best-of awards from publications. The game is now a finalist in the Independent Games Festival for Excellence in Design and in the main competition.

TowerFall Ascension does not have a price set for Steam or Playstation Network.

TowerFall Ascension official website