Steam Greenlights 50 Games, Launching In The Coming Weeks Or Months

Today Steam has announced it’s next batch of 50 new titles that have made it through the Steam Greenlight program to be able to sell on the digital download service. The list of games that made it past the sites public vetting process includes a widely varying list of many different genres and indie developers. The games were selected based not only on Greenlight votes, but also on press reviews, crowd-funding support and success, performance on similar platforms, and awards a title may have won.

You can find the list of Greenlit titles here.

The newest titles will have an opportunity to integrate any other Steamworks features they want to include as they finish their development. The games are expected to be released on Steam in the coming weeks or months, depending on the amount of time it takes to wrap this process up.

Controversy around the Greenlight process has some buyers concerned with the necessity of it. Some developers with unsuccessful Greenlight campaigns have resorted to crowd-funding to build enough hype to attract publishers, who pay their way onto the platform. This idea was frowned upon by Steam, and the developer in question was refused access to publish.