Sailor Moon Retrospective Review Part 9: The Hunt For Sailor Moon

Nephlite continues to spearhead the Negaverse’s campaign in the ninth part of this retrospective review of Sailor Moon. As always, Nephlite repeats the same plan only to have it fail. But at the very least he tries something different in episode sixteen. Of course this doesn’t work and only serves to set the foundation for an upcoming short lived romance sub-plot between himself and Molly. More on that later. Also, someone needs to tell Nephlite that the stars are merely giant balls of flaming gas and are incapable of telling him which human he should go after next.

Episode fifteen is essentially the same plot as the previous episodes, only with 100% more creepy possessed dolls with teeth. Nephlite’s target is a young girl who is a talented doll maker. Despite the creepy dolls and the clearly censored fight in which for a brief, inexplicable frame, Sailor Moon is getting strangled by the monster’s detachable arm. Whoever the video editor for DIC Entertainment was at the time of Sailor Moon’s questionable dub, they should take a few classes in video editing as that was some pretty terrible editing.

smr9_screenshot4Criticism aside, episode fifteen has Serena’s brother Sammy play a much bigger roll aside from harassing his older sister. His friend is the girl that gets targeted, and Sammy tries to make a doll for her in order to apologize for accidentally breaking the prize doll that she made. This is one of the few times where Sammy is indirectly involved with anything going on in the show, as he fades into obscurity post season two if I recall correctly. Also, how does Sammy not notice the similarities between Sailor Moon and his sister? They are the same height, have the same hair, and even have the same voice.

There isn’t much left to say about the fifteenth episode, so let’s move on to episode sixteen. Nephlite finally realizes that if the Negaverse wants to get anything done they will have to deal with Sailor Moon. So he hatches a plan to pretend to be Tuxedo Mask and capture her. Great plan right? Well in theory yes, but somehow Nephlite is able to determine which school Sailor Moon goes to. If he knew that much, why not just visit the school in his fancy little red sports car and find a girl who looks very much like Sailor Moon? So instead he sends an invite from Tuxedo Mask to every girl in the school, and only two of those girls show up.

smr9_screenshot10The first is Molly, whom is convinced that Maxfield Stanton (Nephlite’s human alias) is behind the whole thing. Molly, the punching bag of the series, is correct and her crush on him draws Nephlite’s attention. At first he believes she is Sailor Moon, but then takes her energy. Serena shows up and transforms into Sailor Moon. For the first time ever, Nephlite does something aside from plant monsters into objects and summons a lion out of a star constellation to fight against Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask shows up to aid in her escape from the apparently indestructible lion. Oh and it is now official that Darien is Tuxedo Mask, as if it wasn’t obvious at this point.

Avoiding punishment from Queen Beryl because of the energy he provided, Nephlite attemps to erase the memories Molly has of his real identity. But only time will tell if this actually works or not, as I don’t remember that small detail. Either way Nephlite will be making his departure soon, and then the plot will take a major step forward in the hunt for the Silver Crystal. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus will be joining the team soon, and then that is when things will start to get much more interesting.

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