Sailor Moon Retrospective Review Part 10: A Royal Pain

Part ten of the Sailor Moon Retrospective shall cover episodes seventeen and eighteen. In these two episodes, Nephlite uses the same tired old plan with his target being the animator of the Sailor V movie. Then in episode eighteen the Sailor Scouts investigate a possible lead on the Moon Princess and the Imperium Silver Crystal. Hint: the Moon Princess is actually among the Sailor Scouts right now and the Silver Crystal is . . . well it is out there.

While some of these filler episodes are tolerable, DIC Enterainment seemed determined to make this particular episode painful to listen to. The girl that Nephlite targets, Lori, has the most annoying voice ever. The accent is cringe-worthy and honestly they really shouldn’t have that kind of thing unless all the characters have an accent. Consistency is important. It is almost as painful as Sailor Moon’s voice later on in the dub.

smr10_screenshot2In the past, the Sailor Scouts could never recognize the bad guys. Jedite stood out like a sore thumb and nobody noticed him, so it is about time that Amy of all people finally noticed the similarity between Maxfield Stanton and Nephlite. That and he seems to be the only one in the entire city who has that nice sports car. Him and his mansion are rather hard to miss.

This filler does feature a rather unique monster of the day, in that there are two of them. Not only that, but the Gemini sisters are somehow able to use Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury’s abilities. Of course, they get wiped out pretty quickly as always. So let’s talk about the Moon Princess.

smr10_screenshot8Darien has a dream in which a girl who looks exactly like Serena asks him to bring her the Silver Crystal. Yet he somehow doesn’t know who she is even though the identity of the Moon Princess is as clear as . . . well, crystal. In the mean time though, Darien hears of someone by the name of Princess Diamond who will be exhibiting a crystal that has been in the family for several centuries. He goes there to investigate, and naturally so do the Sailor Scouts and Nephlite.

Speaking of Nephlite, he finds yet another way to use Molly in his plans to take the supposed Silver Crystal. He takes advantage of her crush on him and possesses her with what appears to be a shade of himself. Using her as a remote control vehicle, Nephlite guides her to the Princess and then possesses her and leaves Molly in the room unconscious. You’d think Molly would have learned by now that Nephlite is up to no good, but that isn’t the case. She even vaguely remembers the events from earlier but can’t tell if it was a dream or not.

smr10_screenshot9Princess Diamond, who looks like a cross dressing Melvin, is obviously not the Moon Princess and the crystal is not the Imperium Silver Crystal. Big shock there, right? Of course, it is too early to have the Moon Princess be revealed at this point. The whole Sailor Scout team hasn’t even been assembled yet, so we’ve got a ways to go. Sailor Jupiter has yet to be awakened and Sailor Venus is doing something or other with Artemis.

Tension starts to build between the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask when he declares that he must obtain the Silver Crystal. It may seem minor, but it is only going to get worse later on. There is going to be some various gem stones with magical powers later and there is going to be a three way tug of war between Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts, and the Negaverse. More on that soon, as that particular plot line will be on the chopping block within a few more episodes.