Playstation 4 Sales Reach 5 Million

Sony’s Playstation 4 continues its commercial dominance ahead of its Japanese launch next week. The system currently sits at 5.3 million sold, well ahead of Sony’s initial mark by over a month.

Sony announced the figure this morning, mainly due to the February 22nd Japan launch. Sony was aiming to reach 5 million sold at the end of its financial year, which ends on March 31st. And this looks ready to increase by a great margin by a, likely, successful launch in Sony’s home country. Sony previously announced that the Playstation 4 sold 2.1 million units as of early December. It then reached 4.2 million at the start of January.

With a console that’s selling well, it currently lacks a substantial amount of software. Sony is promising to fix the slight drought by offering 100 unique games for the platform this year. One of these titles is Ready at Dawn’s highly anticipated first foray into console gaming, The Order: 1886. A new trailer was released earlier today that shed some light into what it’s all about.

The Playstation 4 also had a positive effect on its handheld brethren, Playstation Vita. Sales of the system increased by 163% in the UK since PS4’s launch. Playstation Plus subscriptions have also tripled after the next-gen system’s launch.