New Trailer and Details Released for the Pokemon Diancie

As shown on the official Pokemon Youtube page, a new trailer has been released on the mysterious Mythical Pokemon, Diancie. The trailer doesn’t give a whole lot of detail on how we’re actually going to get Diancie, but it does showcase how adorable the newest Pokemon is.Diancie and Carbink

(credit for the image goes to Youtube user TyranitarTube)

Since Diancie was revealed, speculation has arisen about the similarities it has with the Pokemon Carbink. Both are of same type (Rock/Fairy) and they both look strikingly similar. The most prominent theory is that Diancie is a sudden transformation of Carbink, as stated in the Pokedex entry for it’s shiny form. It is interesting to note that, although it is said to be a sudden transformation of Carbink, it is still listed at the end of the Pokedex at number 719. The leak has since been taken down from the official Pokemon site, but the picture can be viewed below. Nothing is currently set in stone, but this is definitely looking to be the most likely theory so far.

Shiny Diancie

The short trailer can be viewed below. Additionally, our coverage on the Pokemon Diancie can be found here and our original speculation on Diancie can be found here.