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Amnesia Fortnight: The Final Four

A week on and Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight gamejam is well underway with the final four prototypes being announced yesterday and the livestream for the event itself kicking off this morning.

The three Double Fine developed prototypes that topped out after the second round of voting were the fantastical horse simulator Steed, the surreal first person mystery Mnemonic and political simulator Dear Leader. Meanwhile, the Pendleton Ward-led team has announced that Little Pink Best Buds will be their entry into Amnesia Fortnight history. You can check out the video of Tim Schafer announcing the final four game ideas below:

As with last year’s Amnesia Fortnight, 2 Player Productions are covering the event through daily video diary’s. The first of these video dairy’s is now available it covers the background surrounding Amnesia Fortnight and the process of how designers at Double Fine pitch their games. It’s a interesting look at the other side of the pitching and voting process that we covered last week.

You can check out the Day Zero video below:

If that’s not enough coverage you can check out the direct Double Fine live-stream through their Humble Bundle page and keep an eye on Leviathyn’s PC section for more updates .

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