No Man’s Sky Dream

In a world filled with sequels, army shooters, and zombies, No Man’s Sky has captured something that people haven’t seen in a long, long time: Mystery. Curiosity. Excitement. Joy.

The one thing that made Spike’s VGX awards interesting (besides the always happy Community star Joel McHale) was a trailer for this little-known game. While the other trailers that premiered during the awards show were “meh” at best, No Man’s Sky showed what the future of gaming could be like.

As the trailer finished for No Man’s Sky, Hellogames founder Sean Murray went out to briefly talk about the project. In a recent article by Edge, the trailer for No Man’s Sky barely made the cut for VGX. Thanks to the host Geoff Keighley, the trailer made the show and in turn, caused the gaming universe to explode.

Why should you care?

Why am I talking about a thing that happened over two months ago? Because I want to remind everyone that the four-man team of No Man’s Sky has something special brewing in their offices. This game will break something that gamers are constantly plagued with: repeated concepts.

Now, repeated concepts are not a bad thing. For example, Ubisoft has used elements of Assassin’s Creed series, in Far Cry 3, and in the upcoming game Watch Dogs. Elements from Assassin’s Creed have been found in every Ubisoft game since. This includes looting, unlocking maps from a high point, acrobatic platforming…all things that have made Ubisoft’s games repetitive. Call of Duty is a whole series built on repeated concepts; it’s fast paced and the better the player is, the better the weapons they will have. Again, these concepts aren’t bad; they have just lost their uniqueness. These games have made the last generation special. But with No Man’s Sky, everything is thrown out of the window. It’s an always changing galaxy filled with creatures that haven’t been seen in gaming for a very long time.

The game is made up to be a lot like Minecraft. It is always generating a random, but different, world for the player to explore. All the planets are different, and will be explored to uncover their secrets. The planets can house resources that can be vital for the player’s survival, or could be something really cool to look at, just like the really cool biomes filled with supplies in Minecraft, No Man’s Sky promises to deliver this and more. The trailer shows vibrant landscapes and beautiful scenes from space, already giving the game a different picture compared to most first person shooters on the market today. The brightness and colors of the world stand out, giving this game and its worlds a truly alien feel. The game is also set to be a MMO, with players able to interact with each other on planets and in space, as they make their way towards the center of the universe.

The creatures I mentioned earlier can be found in the announcement trailer for the game. They may seem similar, but they are foreign. The biggest creature, and the one I’m most excited about, is this snake-like one from the trailer. Imagine the fear that the creature will cause players as they explore this desert planet. The ability to run or fight this creature excites me; what would you do?

The excitement that I have for this game is beyond that of my graduating from college in two years. This game has the potential to change everything about gaming, just like Halo did with first person shooters, just like Final Fantasy VII did with RPGs. This game has that potential, and I feel everyone needs to recognize it. This game can be the future of video games, and in a time where every game is evolving, this is something to be very excited about.

No Man’s Sky doesn’t currently have a release date. To follow more information on the development of No Man’s Sky, follow Hellogames’ twitter or follow Sean Murray’s twitter.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for No Man’s Sky, click here and watch it. Hopefully the same feeling I have will be reflected upon you. Until news come from Hellogames, let’s look towards the sky for a brighter gaming future.