Atlus Will Soon Be A Game Company Once More

Atlus, creators of such series as Megami Tensei, Persona and Trauma Center, are back in business. Recently, Sega bought Atlus’s parent company Index Corporation, relegating Atlus to being simply a brand in Sega’s stable. However, Sega promised to leave the culture of Atlus alone. Now, it looks like Sega has made good on that promise, and then some.

A little history: Atlus was the subsidiary of Index, which was having some financial problems of their own. Sega bailed them out, and Atlus became a brand owned by Sega.  Index and Atlus were technically bundled together, but Sega has now split the two entities. Index will become a solutions and planning company, and Atlus will get the freedom they craved.

Starting April 1st (No, it isn’t a joke, that is the beginning of the fiscal year in Japan) Atlus will once again become a full-fledged game company. While it is still owned by Sega, we expect them to keep doing what they have been doing: making excellent games. Hopefully, we will soon see the upcoming Tex Murphy game, The Tesla Effectwhich is expected to release sometime this year.

Source: Kotaku