Surviving in Outlast is Easier Than You Think

You hear heavy breathing and you’re sure it’s not your own. Slowly you move from out of the locker you managed to tuck yourself into. As you peep around the corner the breathing intensifies. Next you spot a gangly man walking right toward you. You get low, and hope he didn’t see you. You take a sigh of relief when you hear him walk away. The breathing is even heavier. You turn around sharply, and there stands a seven foot tall figure. You’re helpless as he tears you apart and are promptly met with a “Game Over” screen.

Welcome to Outlast, one of the scariest games released last year. Outlast has been praised for its scares and has recently been added to the PS4’s library. Free for PS Plus members, Outlast joins the trend of horror games where fighting back is not an option. You take control of a journalist who is investigating the psychiatric hospital known as Mount Massive. Something is amiss in the spine-chilling halls of the asylum and it’s your job to find out what. Mount Massive Asylum is full of inmates known as “The Variants”, who lurk around every corner. These grotesque figures will stalk you until they have their large mitts around your neck. Playing as freelance journalist Miles Upshur, the only thing you can trust is your video camera. Incapable of combat, Miles relies on his track skills; running, vaulting over ledges, and squeezing between gaps. The Variants are not to be taken lightly and surviving the dark corridors of Outlast can be difficult at times, but here are some tips that might help you last just a bit longer when you take a trip to Mount Massive.


Turn It Up!

If you can’t see the person trying to kill you the next best thing is to hear them. Inmates give themselves away by muttering to themselves and stomping around. Cranking up the volume can give you a small advantage on your pursuers, hearing footsteps means you should go hide. When there’s nothing but silence, you’re clear to move like a scared mouse. One of the better ways to achieve this is by wearing a nice set of headphones. This not only makes for a better overall experience, but cancels out other noises, allowing your ears to be at their best.


 Batteries are essential

Unless you want to stub your toe in the dark, batteries are your best friends. Batteries are fuel for the night vision function on the trusty camcorder. Miles can fill his pockets with up to 10 in normal mode, so stock up as much as you can. Batteries glow bright blue, even in the dark. This makes them relatively easy to spot. Checking small rooms and desks is an easy way to discover these little pieces of gold.



 Use Night Vision Wisely

While night vision is required for survival, it also drains battery power quite quickly. When not in dark areas, make sure the night vision is set to off. Being judicious with how much night vision is being used can prolong the life of that last battery. That means turning off the night vision during scripted events and when in hiding. The good news is that equipping the camera will not drain any battery, thus having the camera out can’t hurt. This is also the only way to collect the notes that Mr. Upshur scribbles down.


 The Dark is your friend…Sometimes

Monsters cannot see in the dark, but that doesn’t deter them from murder. While rushing into the dark is ill advised, it can still be used as a hiding tactic. The player is able to hide under beds or in lockers and this can lead to problems. Inmates will tear a room apart looking for you, flipping over beds and checking each locker. Instead of trapping yourself in a metal box, it often pays off to simply hide in a dark corner. By crouching in a dark corner, options are opened up for escape, instead of getting yoursellf yanked from your hiding spot.



Don’t be afraid to…RUN!

 Sneaking and avoiding detection is wise in Outlast, but it won’t always be that easy. The big brutes stay along a set patrol path, and if Miles crosses that path, he could be in some big trouble. It’s best if you sneak and slowly peak around corners plotting a path to safety. However, things don’t always go as planned, and that’s when the run option comes in. Miles can out run his angry assailants quite easily; the problem is knowing where to go. Aimlessly running from room to room can get you in more trouble, but having a quick escape plan mapped out is key for a successful escape. Running right into the end of the baseball bat can be painful and scary. Use Miles’ speed and abilities to your advantage. Patients can’t squeeze through gaps like our skinny journalist. This makes for one of the best escape options in the game.