Titanfall Can Run Full HD 60 FPS On PS4, Anonymous Developer Claims

It was heard through the grapevine recently that Titanfall, if it released on PlayStation 4, could run at 60 frames per second in full HD. This revelation comes via Twitter, though from perhaps not a reputable source.

The concept is similar to recent Metal Gear graphical performance gaps, as well as Call of Duty: Ghosts. The performance issue stems from the Xbox One hardware, and the developers are programming the Xbox One version for a 900p resolution, with 720p currently available on the beta. Sony would like to see Titanfall make it’s way to the PlayStation 4, but due to exclusivity rights with Microsoft, it is highly unlikely this version will make it to that console. The implication is that a deal may be worked to get Titanfall 2 to be cross platform.

Titanfall is currently in open beta for the next few days, and it releases on March 14 for the Xbox One and PC, with the Xbox 360 version following on the 28. Check out Leviathyn’s first impressions on the Titanfall beta.

Source: VideoGamesZone