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The Lingering Questions About The Wolf Among Us

Telltale’s released the long-awaited second installment of their fairy-tale Noir mystery series The Wolf Among Us earlier this month and while Smoke and Mirrors (read our review) definitely resolved the jaw-dropping cliffhanger of the first episode, it still left a lot of unanswered questions. Leviathyn writers Fergus Halliday and Cameron Wade are big fans of the series and have donned their crafty detective caps to give us their best theories on how the series will address the lingering mysteries the second episode sets up. Be warned, here there be major spoilers for the first two episodes.


Who Will Be The Next Victim?

Cameron: Nerissa, also known as “the little mermaid,” is definitely the next victim. Or at the very least she’ll have a bigger role to play as the season progresses. Like Lily and Faith she’s a Fable stripper/prostitute from Georgie’s bar and using a character as well known as the little mermaid without giving her much to do means we’ll likely be seeing more of her. Something interesting to note, Nerissa has the same ribbon around her neck that Faith had. Faith’s ribbon was found in her mouth after she was murdered. Perhaps an implication that Nerissa will be the next, or maybe it’s a clue that there’s more to Nerissa than we have yet to discover. If the real Crane is fleeing Fabletown to escape unjust persecution, Nerissa’s murder could be a shocking way to prove to Bigby and Snow that he’s actually innocent.

Note the ribbon...

Apparently Faith and Nerissa had similar taste in neckwear.

Fergus: While I don’t have much evidence to back up my suspicions, I get the vibe from Smoke and Mirrors that Nerissa could very well be the next victim. At the simplest level, she fits the established pattern of Fables who have turned to prostitution turning up dead and I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns up dead in Episode 3.


Is Crane Guilty?

The Wolf Among Us Crane Escaping

Fergus: While the ending of Smoke and Mirrors was definitely a surprise to me, it wasn’t the kind of surprise that I didn’t immediately start to dissect and it wasn’t long before I started to pick up the inconsistencies surrounding Crane and his apparent guilt. While the photos Bigby finds at the end of Smoke and Mirrors certainly expose Crane as the Mr. Smith that had been seeing Lily and Faith it doesn’t quite confirm him as the killer. For one thing, it’s highly improbable that Crane would take photos of himself during his time with Lily, let alone leave those photos behind for someone to find – it seems pretty likely that Crane has been framed.

Cameron: Crane isn’t the killer. It’s too simple. Not only are the photos at the crime scene too convenient, but the whole episode is centered around somebody having used glamour in order to look like somebody close to Bigby. It’s practically screamed at you by the title of the episode, “Smoke and Mirrors”. On top of that, there are three episodes left to go. If you watch cop shows you know that the guy they accuse at the beginning is always a red herring to distract you from whom the real killer is. It wouldn’t be much of a mystery story if the mystery was solved in episode two because the killer was dumb enough to leave pictures of himself at the crime scene. The real killer is still roaming Fabletown, and I think they’ve already made an appearance…


Is The Magic Mirror Dead?

The Wolf Among Us Snow with the Broken Mirror

Fergus: While Crane is seen smashing the Magic Mirror at the end of Smoke and Mirrors, I doubt that’s the last we’ll hear from the Mirror. Fables have proven themselves to be hard to kill at multiple points so far in the series and it doesn’t sound all that crazy to suggest that perhaps the Magic Mirror could be put back together. That said, I think that the Magic Mirror being out of the picture for the time being will have some major repercussions in terms of the chaos that is slowly spreading through Fabletown.

Cameron: The Woodsman took an axe to the head in the first five minutes of episode one; I think it’s safe to say the Magic Mirror will be fine. Fables are hard to kill, more so if they’re popular, and the Magic Mirror, being a part of Snow White’s story, is one of the most well known Fables there is. My guess is that he’ll give Bigby one last clue on what’s going on before being out of commission for the rest of the season.


Will Snow Turn Against Bigby?

The Wolf Among Us Snow Isn't Happy

Fergus: While the first episode very strongly focused on the relationship between Snow and Bigby, I get the feeling from the teaser for Episode 3 that Snow turning against or at least away from Bigby is a definite possibility as the series goes on. Considering the suggested romance sub-plot between the pair, it would definitely be an interesting direction for the series to take.

Cameron: As evidenced by episode three’s teaser, Snow isn’t particularly happy with Bigby following the reveal of Crane supposedly being the killer, but any tension between the two isn’t going to last long. They might argue about Bigby letting Crane get away and they might have a short falling out, but they like each other too much to stay apart for long. Plus, it looks like there’s going to be a new element that pushes them together…


What Does Bluebeard Being In Charge Mean For The Residents Of Fabletown?


Cameron: No matter how much Snow may be angry at Bigby it’s nothing compared to how she feels about Bluebeard. We saw in the interrogation scene at the beginning of episode two the level of violence Bluebeard is willing to use to get results, and we also saw how much Snow detests it. Bigby and Bluebeard aren’t exactly on good terms either following the interrogation scene. At least in my playthrough, the two had a small fight just before the reveal that Snow was still alive. Bluebeard’s definitely going to be starting up his own investigation (or perhaps he already has), and that’s going to force Snow and Bigby into working together so they can make sure he doesn’t make things in Fabletown any worse than they are.

Fergus: I think Bluebeard being the new man in charge while Crane is on the run is going to have some pretty major impacts on the state of Fabletown in Episode 3. Bluebeard has already proven himself to be a cold and calculating individual and it’s not hard to imagine that with some authority and power behind him he could be bad news for Bigby and Snow’s investigation. Furthermore, I think that Bluebeard’s particular approach to handling the investigation will be one that pulls none of the punches that Crane did and that he’s only going to fan the flames of distrust between Bigby and the residents of Fabletown.


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