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Kickstarter Round-Up: February 2014

It’s that time of the month again. Just as last month’s standout Kickstarter campaigns are reaching their end, Leviathyn is here to give you the details on the Kickstarter games that are both the talk of the gaming community and those that stand out as worth supporting.

At this point I’m pretty sure that Kickstarter and Humble Bundles have more or less supplanted Steam as my primary source of games. I honestly wouldn’t be all that surprised if I spent far more on those two services than I did through Valve’s store over the last twelve months. Although my backed projects list is filled with just as many successes as failures – there’s something to be said for the interesting mix of projects that caught my eye over the last year and I look forward to seeing that list grow as 2014 goes on.

Here are February’s highlights when it comes to Kickstarter games:


Kingdom Come

Without a doubt, Kingdom Come is definitely the most high profile of this month’s standout Kickstarter games.  Described as a “realistic single-player RPG set in medieval Europe” that boasts an “open world sandbox with period accurate melee combat”. While the recently emerged sub-genre of medieval combat games like War of the Roses and Chivalry: Medieval Combat hasn’t necessarily been something that I’ve gotten very into, Kingdom Come does look quite promising with the development team promising an epic non-linear story from the designer of the Mafia series and a huge amount of freedom when it comes to the gameplay. You’ll be able to explore and define yourself in a vast medieval world through everything from crafting to an advanced reputation and law system.

Although Kingdom Come has long ago skyrocketed past it’s initial goal of £300,000 to somewhere around the £800,000 mark you can still pledge money in the final days of the campaign here.


Darkest Dungeons

While Kingdom Come is well into its Kickstarter campaign at this point in the month, Darkest Dungeons is only just beginning its Kickstarter campaign but is already looking like something genuinely special. Darkest Dungeons is a game described by its developers as a “gothic roguelike RPG about the stresses of adventuring” and boasts very cool visual style and some really interesting mechanics that turn the personality quirks of your characters into meaningful gameplay quirks.

While their fundraising goal was a mere $75,000, Darkest Dungeons has already shot well over double that. You can read more about the game and pledge your support on its Kickstarter page.



Starcrawlers is a sci-fi dungeon crawler that sets players as a crew of space-faring adventurers who take on all sorts of odd and legally-grey jobs from asset recovery to corporate espionage. While long-time Kickstarter users are no stranger to the words ‘procedurally generated’ and ‘dungeon-crawling’, Starcrawlers has a few things that set it apart from its competition. While the handful of cool character classes and the game’s unique visual style are one thing, its biggest asset is by far the dynamic narrative AI that doesn’t just generate dungeons but also shapes the story that evolves around your crew.

The developers are looking for $65,000 to make the game and are already sitting around $28,000. You can read more on their Kickstarter page.



For a service filled with all sorts of adventure & role-playing games, Blackmore is a nice change of pace for Kickstarter games. Blackmore is a Japanese adventure game set in a Steampunk London being brought to life by a team of veterans from both the Japanese and American game industries. The game is set to have a refreshing 2.5D isometric visual perspective and an orchestral soundtrack written and performed by Motoaki Futukawa. A number of prolific voice actors are also involved with the game such as David Hayter of Metal Gear fame.

The developers are looking to get $200,000 to produce the game and the fundraising is already about a ¼ of the way there. You can read more about the game and the people involved with it on their Kickstarter page.


To The Death

To The Death is a game that I personally don’t expect to meet its fundraising goal but it’s definitely one that I want to bring attention to. To The Death is a genre-blending and gravity defying Beat ‘Em Up that sets you as a pair of immeasurably powerful demonic warriors who have sworn to slay each other in mortal combat. It boasts a strong and distinctive look and the team behind it has a hell of a track record.

To The Death is sitting at around $34,000 of its $400,00 goal and you can pledge money towards the game here.



Cradle is a very cool looking Kickstarter game that tells the story of an exiled traveler caught up in a conflict between humanity, nature and the gods. The game is set in a visually stunning open world brought to life by the CryEngine. The biggest thing that separates Cradle from the other Kickstarter RPGs running campaigns at the moment is its focus on immersion. Cradle promises an epic story told over five rich environments (each of own boasting their own diverse ecosystems) backed up by compelling lore and a evocative soundtrack. Cradle looks like something that marries the visual fidelity of Trine with the scope and scale of The Elder Scrolls and is definitely a Kickstarter game worth checking out.

The developers of Cradle are asking for $350,000 and the project is currently sitting on about a third of that .You can remedy this by pledging money on their Kickstarter page. For more coverage check out Leviathyn’s latest Under the Radar piece all about Cradle.

You can read up on last month’s stand-out Kickstarter games here.