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Week of Love: Top 5 Flash Games About Love

With Valentine’s Day weekend upon us our Week of Love continues, and we’ve piled together a list of the best flash games that deal with love and romance. Of course, love takes many forms, including the love between a man and his zombie girlfriend, a trash bag and a garbage can, and the unique relationship between a deadly spike trap and a hapless adventurer.


5) One and One Story

one and one story

Since this is Valentine’s Day weekend, let’s start off with a game that involves a couple working together in order to see each other. You can control both the male and female and have to use both of them effectively in order to complete each level. For example, you will have the male move a block into position so that way the female can then jump over a spike pit. It is also cute to see the couple kiss after the completion of each level.


4) Spike – A Love Story


I had to include at least one funny game. Despite being a simple concept, this game does generate some decent laughs. You play as a spike trap that you would normally see in countless platforming games. Despite being made to kill you fall in love with an adventurer but don’t know how to express it. You’re forced to kill your man over and again until you can get his attention. Th gameplay is harder than it looks as the adventure has various tricks up his sleeves that can make it hard to crush him. There is also a survival mode where you can keeping crushing your beloved adventurer until you let one go by mistake.


3) A Trashy Love Story

trash love story

I may or may not have a thing about inanimate objects falling in love but this game it quite cute. You play as a trash bag, and it is your job to find your soul mate which is a garbage can. In each level, you have to navigate the trash bag around spears and other dangers so that way you can meet up again with your lover. There are plenty of dangers to overcome as anything from a gust of wind to flowing water can keep you from seeing your beloved trash can. The bag’s movement is similar to how a bag moves in the wind; there is no standard up button. In order to go vertically you have to rapidly switch between clicking the left and right movement key, making this a unique platformer.


2)  Finding my Heart


Even though this is a short game I felt that I had to include it. As an avid video game player, I too can get sucked into playing games, forgoing my other responsibilities. This point-in-click adventure game begins with you getting kicked out of your house for playing too many video games by your girlfriend. Now you must learn how to express your emotions through interacting with different characters in order to win over your girlfriend and get back into your house.


1) I Saw Her Standing There

i saw her standing standing

I should warn everyone that this game might be my favorite flash game of all time. The gist of the game is that your character’s true love turns into a zombie and in each level your must lure her towards her cage without getting infected. I just love everything about this game from the simple and minimalist design to how it is one of the few flash games where you actually feel for the main character and hope that he gets a happy ending. You have to play it in order to not only get the nice warm feelings this game can emit, but also how fun and the creative the challenges in each of the levels are. This game is just too cute to describe.

If you find yourself still yearning for love this weekend make sure to give these five games a try. Be sure to check out our other Week of Love posts and our Flash Game of the Week series.