New Mystery Pokemon Name Diancie Revealed

Translated by Serebii, Japanese magazine CoroCoro has revealed a new batch of information. The most surprising bit of information is that an entirely new Pokemon is to be released. It’s name is Diancie, a Rock/Fairy type and the 719th Pokemon in the Pokedex. It is also noted to star in the newest upcoming Pokemon movie currently titled Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie. Unlike the Rotom forms that led to speculation of additional Pokemon being added back in Pokemon Platinum, Diancie is guaranteed to be a new Pokemon entirely.


The most likely way to obtain Diancie when it is released is either by going to the Pokemon movie, or via download. Chances are that it will not be the only Pokemon released this way, as Nintendo may be experimenting with ways to release more Pokemon via DLC. This is only speculation though, and should not be taken as fact. While pre-programmed Pokemon would be available during events after a games release, this would be the first time an all new Pokemon was added into the current games.

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